Film & TV claims examples
Chubb Commercial Insurance



Here are some examples of mishaps that Chubb’s film and TV policy has covered.

  • While an actor was getting into a minibus on location, its door came off the runners and fell on his foot, fracturing three of his toes. The employers liability section of the policy covered the claim.
  • Principal photography was interrupted due to a cast member suffering an allergic reaction to the make-up used. The production was disrupted for a couple of days until the actress’s face recovered.
  • Whilst shooting a commercial, several models had to go down a slide. The clothes they were wearing were too sheer to protect their bodies and they suffered skin burns that prevented them continuing with the shoot. The claim was accepted, not only for the damage caused to their bodies but also for the loss of income they suffered due to their inability to appear in other, pre-contracted commercials.
  • Body parts were found in a car park during filming. Police were called and it was discovered that the body parts were actually very realistic prosthetics that had been left over from the filming of the Gladiator movie. The shoot was disrupted for 2-3 hours until the Police determined that the body parts were not real. The production company had to re-shoot the scenes the following day, claiming half a day.
  • Whilst shooting a production in the desert in Morocco, the cameras were not protected and sand got into them causing damage to the negative. As the filming was in a remote location, the negatives were accumulated for three days before delivery to the laboratory (which was in Madrid). By the time the lab discovered the damage the sand was causing, the producer had already shot another three days’ worth of film.
  • A nature programme for television was being filmed on location in Africa. Whilst filming a group of monkeys swinging in a tree, a branch broke and a monkey fell onto the camera beneath, damaging it. As the location was very remote, it took two days for a replacement camera to reach them. The claim was settled for the cost of repair to the hired camera, as well as for extra expense as a result of the additional two days needed to complete the shoot.
  • A production company was shooting a commercial at night in the Mojave desert in North America. When the lights were turned on for filming, swarms of insects were attracted to them, interrupting the shoot for a couple of days. At that time of the year there should not have been many insects, but it transpired that unusual weather conditions (there had been a second mini rain season in the desert) had caused a second breeding season.