Innovator risks
Chubb Commercial Insurance

Life science companies invest considerable time and money in research and development. It can take years before your product is licensed for the market, but it can all be lost in an instant, bankrupting your enterprise and ending the research. It is therefore essential to protect your business against all possible outcomes – even those you may never have contemplated, such as these:

You are seeking investment and have presented your project to venture capitalists who want to get on board. However, until you have proof of insurance that protects their investment from loss, they aren’t willing to sign the cheque.

The company next door battles a fire in its lab. Your property is also damaged and your library of notes, books and samples are ruined by smoke and water. How could your business survive this disaster?

With the capital behind you to develop your idea further, you’ll need an extra pair of hands and a larger workspace. However, the lease of the new premises requires you to provide proof of insurance should an employee, customer or other tenant have an accident on your property. With Innovator you can get the proof and be covered quickly.

Somebody breaks into your office and steals your pc’s – including all the test results from the day before. The tests will need to be reworked and the results re-recorded. The precious time required to complete this delays the research project and eats into your funding. Chubb Innovator can help insure you or your venture capitalist can be compensated for this loss.