Who we insure
Chubb Commercial Insurance

The life science sector incorporates an array of business all with different needs and all facing different risks. With over a decade’s experience insuring life science companies we understand what makes you unique.

Chubb understands your business. We insure companies operating in all areas of life science including:

Medical device and research equipment manufacturers

  • Diagnostic, imaging and monitoring equipment
  • Implants and prostheses
  • Therapeutic, surgical, testing, processing, research and clinical lab devices, and software. Including dental applications
  • Radiation-emitting products
  • Software used in connection with a medical device
  • Medical processing equipment

Drugs and biologics manufacturers

  • Diagnostic, therapeutic, prophylactic, biotechnological, veterinary, agricultural, chemical, pharmaceutical and other process technologies
  • Viruses, serums, toxins, antitoxins and vaccine used for disease prevention, treatment or cure
  • Blood and blood components/derivatives
  • Medically prescribed dietary foods
  • Dietary supplements adhering to good manufacturing practice/good clinical practice

Healthcare product development organisations (PDO’S)
Service providers, including:

  • Pre-clinical and clinical research
  • Contract manufactures
  • Product development
  • Clinical trials and laboratory management
  • Health economics research
  • Statistical and data management
  • Research institutions and laboratories
  • Product distribution logistics