More ICT companies covered by Chubb

IT and telecommunications equipment manufacturing

  • Computer and peripheral equipment manufacturers
  • Communications equipment manufacturers
  • Electronic components and accessories manufacturers
  • Integrated circuit manufacturers

Information technology services

  • Data processors and integrators
  • Data storage and retrieval services
  • Computer consultants and systems analysts
  • Computer facilities managers
  • Computer maintenance and repair
  • Value added resellers
  • Hardware and software defence contractors
  • Outsourcers
  • Other computer-related services

Software development
Designers, developers and producers of:

  • Pre-packaged software
  • Operating systems
  • Networking software
  • Databases
  • Application software and tools
  • Computer programming
  • Medical application packages
  • Security packages

Telecommunications service and network providers
Voice, data and video transmission services, including:

  • Internet service providers
  • Application service providers
  • Web hosting and ancillary services
  • Wireless communications and messaging services
  • Infrastructure development projects
  • Media providers