Contractors plant & equipment
Chubb Commercial Insurance

We recognise what a construction project needs so that it is delivered on time and within budget. The countless elements that make up a successful project deserve to be protected.

Contractors plant and equipment are vital to any construction project and one moment of carelessness or a lapse in security can see an item of machinery damaged, lost or stolen.

From power hand tools to tower cranes, give yourself peace of mind that your plant and equipment is adequately protected through a comprehensive insurance and loss prevention programme from Chubb.

Our specialist cover
Chubb is well known as a specialist insurer and a specific area of expertise is construction and engineering. Our construction and engineering team focuses specifically on the problems and insurance needs of the construction industry. Chubb has a variety of specialised insurance programmes tailored to meet the exacting demands of this industry, including a specific product for contractors plant and equipment.

We can consider all mobile and static equipments associated with the construction industry, whether owned or hired in, including temporary buildings, as well as providing for continuing hire charges as a result of loss or damage to hired in plant and equipment.

A Chubb contractors plant and equipment policy offers you broad coverage including theft and whilst in transit which can be tailored to your requirements, at competitive terms.

Cover is provided on a ‘blanket’ basis and is annually adjustable to provide complete flexibility.

Security programmes
If plant is stolen or damaged, the financial impact on delayed construction projects as a result can be many times the value of the equipment; Chubb believes that the best way of dealing with a potential problem is to prevent its occurrence.

As such, Chubb encourages the creation and management of security programmes and will work closely with you as part of an ongoing process to help prevent loss, without a ‘one size fits all' approach to security protections.

Our loss control team can play an integral role in contractors plant insurance, working directly with plant managers, risk managers and security staff to help identify and minimise the potential causes of loss.

They can offer advice in areas such as evaluating not just security measures, but also fire protection, developing loss prevention proposals, as well as transit related precautions and standards, and can assist in producing business continuity plans.

For those companies that demonstrate a high level of risk management, we offer in return preferential terms which can include risk management funds, lower excesses, reinstatement as new cover, low claims rebates, security warranty free wording and an award winning claim service, for when the worst happens.