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Protecting fine collections
“Collecting is an art. Protecting what you’ve collected is an even greater art form” William Randolf Hearst

Collectors lavish time, effort and valuable resources building their collections and pursuing the exquisite. Naturally, they take great care when guarding their prized pieces.

At Chubb, we know that what deserves to be collected deserves to be protected. One moment or carelessness or a lapse in security, and a priceless piece can be damaged or lost forever. A collector should partner with an insurer who understands the intricate art of protection.

Give yourself peace of mind whether it is fine art, teddy bears, musical instruments or vintage aircraft, and wherever it is in the world, it is protected through a comprehensive insurance and loss prevention programme from Chubb. We can create a variety of specialised insurance programmes tailored to meet the exacting demands of collectors and cultural institutions.

The Chubb Group has considerable expertise in insuring collections and cultural institutions, and has close relationships with organisations in this field, such as the Art Loss Register. In the USA, the Chubb Group is the official provider of property and casualty insurance for the members of the American Association of Museums.

We work closely with you as part of an ongoing process to help prevent loss, and to help you preserve your collections and their value. Our loss control team play an integral role in collections insurance. They can work directly with collectors, curators, risk managers and security staff to help identify and minimise the potential causes of loss. They can offer advice in areas such as evaluating fire protection and security measures, developing loss prevention proposals, advising on transit related precautions and standards, and can assist in producing business continuity plans.

Coverage highlights:
Malicious acts
Accidental acts      

Coverage can be provided for:
Business/personal property
Ocean cargo

Special coverages:
Nail to nail
Specialised valuation
Agreed value
Broad pair and set clause
Automatic cover