Computer equipment
Chubb Commercial Insurance

Computer equipment and software is vitally important to the successful running of almost every business operating today. However, computer equipment and software are very vulnerable to disasters that can seriously threaten the financial livelihood of a business.

Chubb is able to provide coverage for an individual enquiry from an extensive range of occupancies but also able to construct a computer scheme for a broker wishing to enter into a facility style arrangement for all of their computer enquiries.

Both avenues offer policies which provide not only coverage for the computer equipment but also for reinstatement of data, increased costs of working & computer breakdown

Give yourself peace of mind that your computer equipment, from high value servers to laptops, will be protected through a comprehensive insurance and loss prevention programme from Chubb.

Market leading coverage

A Chubb computer policy offers you broad coverage with tailored computer exposure extensions, on competitive terms. We can cover an extensive range of occupancies and almost any type of computerised equipment. Cover is provided on a ‘blanket’ basis and is annually adjustable to provide complete flexibility.

The four core covers available are:

  1. Material damage – provides ‘all risks’ of loss or damage to your equipment on a ‘reinstatement’ basis
  2. Reinstatement of data – provides cover for the cost incurred in reinstating lost data following damage
  3. Increased costs of working – provides cover against additional expenditure incurred to prevent interruption to your business following damage
  4. Computer breakdown – provides cover for damage arising from breakdown (unless recoverable under a maintenance or guarantee agreement)

The Chubb computer policy provides numerous benefits including:

  • Full theft cover
  • No alarm, security or virus protection warranties
  • Worldwide cover for portable equipment
  • Low excesses
  • No proposal form required

Protecting your equipment

Chubb will work closely with you as part of an ongoing process to help prevent loss, and to help you preserve your computer equipment and software.

Our loss control team play an integral role in computer insurance. They can work directly with risk managers and security staff to help identify and minimise the potential causes of loss. We can offer advice in areas such as evaluating fire protection and security measures, developing loss prevention proposals, advising on transit related precautions and standards, and can assist in producing business continuity plans.