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Leased assets
Chubb Commercial Insurance

Insurance coverage provided under the term ‘leased assets’ can take on many different forms and cover a wide range of assets. Whether you are a leasing/hire company, a manufacturer or finance company our range of leased asset products can provide the necessary level of cover required.

Assets range from laptops to photocopiers, telephone systems to CCTV, printing presses to industrial lathes or medical equipment to excavators and trailers.

Each of Chubb’s leased asset products can be priced on an annual renewable basis or by a ‘lock in’ basis whereby the price for the entire lease term is set at the start of lease.  The lock in approach provides you with price certainty for leases which can run up to 84 months in duration.

Chubb has the necessary skills and experience to guide you through available programme structure and administration requirements, regulatory & legal issues and will provide a claims protocol to create a leased asset programme which is compliant for all parties.

Our leased asset policies:
Dual interest
With this option you are provided with a master policy by us and each individual end user (lessee) would be endorsed on to the policy at the start of the lease, therefore enjoying the benefit of the coverage provided by Chubb.

Single interest (Contingent)
This programme could be set up to ensure that if the coverage arranged by the end user (lessee) failed for any reason then the claim could be submitted to Chubb to have the asset repaired / replaced.

Vendor enhancement
The cost of the insurance for the asset in question is automatically included within the sale price of the asset meaning coverage is also provided automatically for an agreed period of time.