Construction & engineering
Chubb Commercial Insurance

Chubb provides broad insurance protection against physical loss or damage for a very diverse range of building, civil engineering and mechanical & electrical projects around the world during the course of construction or erection.  This can be arranged with us on a single project or annual basis, whether contractor or employer driven, contractors’ equipment, installation floater covers, together with various delay in start up and third party liability insurances for single projects.

Our aim is to provide tailored coverage for our client’s needs and other parties within the policy for the entire construction and erection, including testing and commissioning phases until the project is complete.

Our policy can include the following:

Chubb’s contractors all risks products are available for many contractors within the construction industry, ranging from general building to heavy civil engineering contractors.

The following are examples of buildings that Chubb provides coverage for:

  • Residential, commercial, retail and leisure
  • Public sector including schools, hospitals, prisons, police & fire stations
  • Landmark & high rise buildings
  • Stations and railways

The following are examples of civil engineering projects and major industry for which Chubb provides construction coverage:

  • Airports and runways
  • Motorway, road and structures
  • Tunnels
  • Pipelines
  • Marine and harbour development

Completed civil engineering
Chubb also provides insurances for completed civil structures or projects following handover.

Erection all risks
Chubb’s erection all risks products are available for many projects where the main focus to be insured is machinery biased and can include all of the various stages of the project from initial transits through construction / erection, testing and commissioning, trials, performance tests and during the maintenance responsibility periods

The following are examples of machinery or industry sectors for which Chubb provides erection all risks coverage:

  • Power generation risks for nuclear, coal, gas or green/ renewables fired
  • Waste to energy risks
  • Electrical generation equipment
  • Water and sewage treatment plants / desalination plants
  • Mining equipment
  • Cement plants
  • Pulp and paper
  • Food and drink industry
  • Metal industry

For the projects listed above Chubb’s erection all risks policy will also include any associated building or civil engineering aspects.

Private financed initiative
Chubb is also very experienced in providing bespoke insurance protection, including financiers requirements, for any building, civil engineering or machinery driven risk which is conducted through a private finance initiative.

Cubb loss control services
Chubb also has a dedicated and experienced loss control team which supports our underwriting initiative for risks written, this value added service is provided free of charge to the client.