Our risk management solution
Chubb Commercial Insurance

Chubb have a reputation for providing a consistently high quality of service through all our offices worldwide. To achieve this we work with our brokers and customers to conduct risk assessments, develop loss prevention plans and assist with multinational programme placement. We can tailor a programme using Chubb’s wide range of products from broad form general liability, errors and omissions, to “all risks” property and business income. And if the worst should happen, Chubb’s renowned prompt and fair claim settlement helps our customers get back into business quickly with minimum disruption.

Chubb have been successfully writing risk management business for several decades, and our  experience is reflected in the wide range of programme offerings, such as:

  • Captive programmes
  • Large deductible programmes
  • Self-insured retention programmes
  • Multi-year multi-line programmes
  • Protected cell company

We are looking to partner with risk management customers who seek long-term relationships with an insurance carrier, are willing to assume a portion of their own risk and are interested in conducting business with a financially strong company. Our risk management specialists work with companies from a wide variety of industries from manufacturing, retail and engineering backgrounds.