MasterPackage PFI claims examples
Chubb Commercial Insurance

Water damage
We were notified of damage at a British army base following water ingress after a period of torrential rainfall. Guttering in situ at a number of buildings at the site had been unable to cope with the quantities of rainwater generated and water had entered into a number of separate buildings damaging ceilings, internal decorations and fitted floor coverings.

Following immediate contact with the base, we were able to arrange for the attendance of local adjusters and damage mitigation specialists on the same day.  A programme of work commenced on day one to restrict the extent of damage and minimise disruption.

Much positive feedback was received on the speed of response and the success of the measures implemented at an early stage.  It was acknowledged by all that this had been key in considerably reducing both the scope and costs of the claim.

Third party damage
A private consortium who provide wastewater treatment and disposal facilities for Dundee suffered damage to an underground waste water pipe The damage had been caused by the combined negligence of a number of third party contractors and the consortia became involved in what could have become a protracted dispute regarding responsibility for the damage.

Chubb immediately took control of the situation and with the assistance of local adjusters provided early confirmation that the claim would be covered and that the consortia’s costs would be met under the terms of the Chubb policy in force.

The required information was gathered locally to support the recovery action and legal representatives were engaged to pursue those parties responsible for causing the damage to the property. The claim was settled and a successful recovery of both insured and uninsured losses secured.