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MasterPackage MetalPro claims examples
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We know how important it is to bring to life our difference and to enable you to distinguish between insurers. After all, it is only in the event of a claim that you see the true value in an insurance policy. These examples should illustrate to you the superior qualities of MasterPackage MetalPro.

Warranty free
A substantial fire was traced to the self combustion of solvent covered rags. The rags had been used by third-party contractors undertaking maintenance work to plant and equipment.
Whereas other policies will often contain a warranty requiring the removal or containment of solvent covered rags at close of business, MasterPackage MetalPro does not and the claim would therefore be covered.

Extended supply chain
A metal fabricator did not receive vital material because an Asian supplier of their UK supplier suffered fire damage at their premises and was unable to ship the goods. They didn’t arrive in time for the UK supplier to fulfil its contract and as a result the metal fabricator incurred extra expense, a contractual penalty and a reduced order book.

MasterPackage MetalPro’s extended supply chain cover would cover the claim by the fabricator in respect of its own business interruption loss arising as a direct consequence of the fire in Asia.

Non-ferrous metals
Following the theft of its entire stock of non ferrous metals, a metal processor realised that recent rampant increases in the price of metals meant the sum insured that it declared at policy inception had been rendered inadequate and an average condition under its policy would apply.
With MasterPackage MetalPro the processor would have the cushion of at least an additional 25% of the declared sum insured to offset the impact of this change in price.

Inadvertent betterment of machinery, extended indemnity period
A laser cutting machine was damaged beyond economic repair. The nearest comparable (but much newer and better specified) replacement machine represented a significant level of inherent betterment.
Many policies would discount the claim to reflect this; MasterPackage MetalPro meets the full cost of the replacement up to the declared sum insured without any penalty, passing on all of the betterment to the insured.
As it may take extra time to commission and integrate the new machine into the production process, the designated maximum indemnity period is also automatically extended by up to three months to compensate for the overrun.

Products and services, errors and omissions
A manufacturer of moulds supplied products to a manufacturer of engines. The mould, once installed turned out not to meet the design specification. Advice given by the mould manufacturer to remedy the problem only compounded it. The engine manufacturer suffered losses, it had to source a new mould, replace units it had supplied and incurred expenses and lost revenue.
MasterPackage MetalPro as standard covers liability for these losses and the related legal costs up to £50,000; higher limits are available.