MasterPackage MetalPro
Chubb Commercial Insurance

Our MasterPackage product is widely recognised as an outstanding and market leading multi-line policy. MasterPackage MetalPro is an exciting addition to the MasterPackage stable of sector specific solutions. It delivers high spec cover for precision engineers, metal fabricators and metal processors.

MasterPackage MetalPro is built on extensive research and development before we get to market, including research into emerging risks and exposure, customer experience and broker feedback. All this is tested by our own rigorous product benchmarking so we know our contract outperforms the competition. MasterPackage MetalPro offers a unique combination of benefits backed with access to an excellent range of inclusive and in-house services.

Key features of the policy include:
Warranty free

MasterPackage MetalPro contains no warranties so we will not avoid paying claims based on the small print such as:

  • The maintenance contract for your intruder alarm system is inadequate
  • There are composite panels in your building unapproved by your insurer
  • Waste is inadvertently left on site overnight

Products and services, errors and omissions
MasterPackage MetalPro covers your liability for financial loss arising from a defect or deficiency in your product or service or failure to perform in accordance with a performance contract.

We always proactively manage claims with a view to facilitating a speedy recovery for the injured party where possible. We work with a range of professionals to achieve this goal; from loss adjusters to medical professionals; whatever level of intervention an individual case demands. This is just another example of Chubb’s award winning claims service; we tailor to your needs, we don’t believe that one size fits all.

Extended supply chain cover
We believe we offer the best supply chain cover in the market. Under MasterPackage MetalPro:

  • Business interruption arising from the loss or damage to your property at an unnamed location is covered
  • Suppliers-of-suppliers and customers-of-customers are covered as standard
  • Our no warranty approach applies equally to your suppliers as well as your own business
  • You benefit from our unique material damage proviso: no waiting for an insurer to accept liability or pay proceeds to your supplier before your loss is covered

Inadvertent betterment of machinery
Insurers typically say you are covered “new for old” but if you cannot replace your machine with one of an identical capacity or tolerance, the amount you can recover from your policy could be scaled down because of “betterment”. We do not penalise you in this way; we pay for upgraded machinery up to the sum insured you declare. In addition we automatically provide an extension to your business interruption cover of up to three months to ensure you can test and commission the machine and ensure compatibility with existing equipment.

Explosion and machinery breakdown
MasterPackage MetalPro is the only package policy on the market to offer full explosion as well as machinery breakdown cover as standard. So there is no need for an awkward debate between your boiler insurer and your property insurer concerning how settlement of an explosion claim is to be divided, nor do you have two policy excesses to pay.

Non-ferrous materials
If your policy is subject to an average condition and with prices of non-ferrous materials prone to volatility, you could be left with both an inadequate sum insured and a penalty for not accurately setting or maintaining it even though it may not be your fault. MasterPackage MetalPro provides an automatic 25% uplift in the value you declare of non-ferrous raw materials to cushion fluctuations in commodity prices and applies no condition of average.