MasterPackage Law claims examples
Chubb Commercial Insurance

See how your law firm can benefit from being protected by Chubb.

An unlimited indemnity period
A large regional practice is tenant of a service centre located near a commercial fuel depot. An explosion at the depot causes extensive damage to the service centre and access is restricted. Under Masterpackage LAW, Chubb will help the firm to locate alternative premises and fit IT systems so that the business disruption will be limited. If the repair of the building is delayed for any reason, Chubb’s unlimited indemnity period means that the firm won’t be penalised for the delay. It will have cover for the extra cost of occupying the temporary premises for as long as it takes to reinstate the service centre.

Valuable papers
A magic circle firm suffers a large fire at an off-site document and paper storage facility. Some documents are completely lost, whilst other suffer smoke and water damage. It is essential that the documents be recreated and where possible, restored. Under Masterpackage LAW we will reimburse the additional costs of recreating the documents from other sources (including paying overtime to have the task completed swiftly), and where re-creation is not possible, we will arrange for specialist document restoration, involving freeze drying and decontamination of damaged documents.

Key personnel
A partner of a niche firm is badly injured, and subsequently dies following a fire at the firm’s offices. As a key rainmaker and a known name in her field of expertise, she will be hard to replace. Under Masterpackage LAW we will cover the costs of a search agency to identify and recruit a replacement. We will also pay for the time cost of another partner reading into the deceased’s ongoing cases, and the cost of employing a solicitor on a temporary basis to assist with the caseload, so that client service suffers minimal interruption.  If the deceased featured in marketing literature and campaigns, we will cover the cost of altering and reprinting this literature and of a defensive marketing campaign with existing clients to reassure them of the firm’s continued ability to service their requirements.

Denial of access cover
A firm based in a central London business district suffers restricted access to their offices following a murder and armed robbery at a nearby jeweller. Some fee-earners work from home, and client meetings are held at a nearby hotel. Under Masterpackage LAW we will cover the extra expenses incurred, including hiring the hotel meeting room and arranging for documents to be sent by courier to fee earners at home. We will also pay for relocation costs of moving back office staff to a contingency backup site.