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MasterPackage key features
Chubb Commercial Insurance

Whilst developing MasterPackage we talked to our brokers and conducted extensive market research to identify the key features our customers required. This prompted us to make 50 improvements to our previous package policy in our view, making the new MasterPackage a clear market leader.

No warranties
We are very proud that MasterPackage is free from warranties.

Imagine if your insurer relied on a warranty to deny:

  • your claim for theft because police response had been withdrawn due to a large number of false alarms – even though you and your alarm company were doing everything possible to rectify the situation.
  • Your insurer denied your claim because maximum storage heights for goods in a sprinklered location weren’t displayed – they may have been adhered to but weren’t clearly displayed.
  • Your insurer denied your claim for fire damage due to the fact your building contained a composite panel – even though it wasn’t the cause of the fire and you knew nothing about it.

With Chubb MasterPackage you will not breach any warranties because there are no warranties.

Chubbflex gives you the flexibility to allocate up to £500,000 in the event of various types of loss (such as fine art, fire brigade charges and trees, shrubs, plants and lawns).

No business description
We do not confine your cover to a stated business description. We understand that businesses change rapidly and that your insurance provider is not necessarily the first to know. So as your business grows, you can still rely on MasterPackage.

Cover for electronic data including for hacking
If your network or electronic data has been compromised by acts of malicious programming then any copying, re-creating, replacing, retrieving and restoring costs will be met.

Rising costs of repair
With the rising costs of construction and the EU legislation on energy efficiency in buildings, it may cost you more to replace your building than you had originally insured it for. MasterPackage gives you the option of index linking the sums insured so we will cover the real replacement costs.

Full theft cover
You do not need to prove a forcible and violent entry or exit to your building to be covered.

Wide ensuing damage cover
Our subsequent damage cover is among the widest in the market.