Why choose PEOPLESURE?
Accident & Health

PEOPLESURE is Chubb’s group personal accident and business travel policy for employers worldwide. PEOPLESURE is flexible so we can offer many policy options to meet each employer’s precise needs. For example, all employees can be included; key individuals can be identified and given higher levels of cover; the policy can provide round the clock protection anywhere in the world or it can be arranged to cover a specific situation.

With personal accident cover, employers will be able to minimise any disruption to their business that can be caused by sudden or long-term employee absence. Unlike a standard liability policy, negligence does not need to be established before benefit can be paid. This means our policy can respond quickly, providing benefit when it is most needed.

Business travel cover provides protection against death, injury and illness whilst travelling including any emergency medical expenses and repatriation. In addition, we can help with many other mishaps that may occur such as loss of business equipment, fraudulent misuse of cards or travel delays and cancellations.

By protecting your employees with PEOPLESURE, everyone benefits. People will feel valued and more secure in the knowledge that, should the unthinkable happen, they would be compensated.

Chubb retains a presence in 32 countries across the globe with partner insurers in many more. This means we have an unparalleled ability to write multinational policies. If the local law allows, we can write your PEOPLESURE policy in the UK and cover your operation all over the globe.