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Managed Investments Asset Protection
Chubb Specialty Insurance

The complex nature of the funds management industry demands equally sophisticated insurance solutions.  Chubb is proud to introduce the Managed Investments Asset Protection Policy tailored to meet the specialised needs of managed investment schemes. The creation of the Managed Investment Asset Protection Policy underscores Chubb's 30 years of experience insuring financial institutions.

Insurance from Chubb means more than just broad coverage. Financial stability, sound underwriting, broad coverage and responsive service are compelling reasons for considering our Managed Asset Protection Policy.


Who is covered?

  • Managed Investment Scheme
  • Responsible Entity
  • The Investment Management Company
  • All directors, officers and employees of the Responsible Entity and/or Investment Manager (past, present and future)
  • Compliance Committee Members of the Responsible Entity


What is covered?

  • Errors, omissions, misstatements, misleading statements, neglect, breach of duty or breach of trust while performing or failing to perform professional services
  • Errors, omissions, misstatements, misleading statements, neglect, breach of duty or breach of trust by a trustee, director or officer of the Responsible Entity or Investment Management Company


What are the Coverage Features?

  • Definition of claim includes civil or criminal proceedings, investigations and written demands
  • Extended Reporting Period
  • Severability of all exclusions for insured individuals
  • Severability of the proposal form
  • Can insure any combination of Managed Investment Schemes, Responsible Entities investment managers and their directors, officers and employees
  • Automatic cover for certain newly created or acquired subsidiaries
  • No prior acts exclusion
  • Automatic "run off'" cover for insured, if acquired
  • Multi-year policies available
  • Advancement of Defence costs prior to final disposition of a claim
  • World-wide cover
  • Coverage automatically extended to persons for whose acts the Responsible Entity is responsible
  • Managed Investment Scheme Bond can also be provided