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INT Liability Insurance
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With rapid advancements in technology and society's increasing reliance on IT to manage their businesses and lives, it is not surprising that technology companies are facing greater liability risk for the work they perform and products they supply.

Chubb Insurance recognises that businesses in the evolving and complex technology industry require insurance cover to suit their various needs. That's why we have a specialist team of technology underwriters who are focused solely on providing the best liability insurance cover for technology companies.


Who do we Insure?
We specialise in providing insurance protection to a wide range of technology businesses, including:

  • IT and Telecommunications
    • Equipment Manufacturing
    • Computer and peripheral equipment manufacturers
    • Computer equipment manufactures
    • Electronic components and accessories manufacturers
    • Integrated circuit manufactures
    • Network/hardware manufacturers
  • Software Development - Designers, developers and producers of:
    • Pre-packaged software
    • Operating Systems
    • Networking Software
    • Databases
    • Application software and tools
    • Computer programming
    • Shrink-wrapped software
  • Information Technology Services
    • Data processors and system integrators
    • Data storage and retrieval services
    • Computer consultants and systems analysts
    • Computer maintenance and repair
    • IT outsourcing and facility managers
    • Value added resellers
    • Other computer-related services
  • Telecommunication Services -Voice data and video transmission services including:
    • Internet Service providers
    • Application service providers
    • Web hosting, data centers and ancillary services
    • Wireless communication and messaging services
    • Network consulting and support services.


What products do we offer?
General Liability Insurance
Is there a chance that your customers could ever suffer personal injury or experience property damage from any products or services that your company has provided? If so, our General Liability Insurance will protect you and your technology business from expensive legal costs and damages that could arise.

Information and Network Technology (INT) Liability Insurance
If you would like more extensive cover than what our General Liability Insurance provides, our INT Liability Insurance is worth considering. It will cover your company for costs and damages arising from failure of your products and/or services to deliver as intended. It also protects you against unintentional infringement of intellectual property rights.


How to apply
Please complete our Information and Network Technology Proposal Form and send it with a copy of your license agreements and/or standard terms and conditions to your insurance broker to request fora quotation from Chubb.

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