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Casualty Insurance
Chubb Commercial Insurance

In today’s environment of escalating litigation and claims for personal damages, all businesses should be insured for incidents that they can be held liable for. Slip and fall accidents in shopping centres, faulty products from manufacturers and accidents occurring during production are all incidents that can cost organisations dearly.

Chubb Insurance is a specialist provider of liability insurance products for a variety of organisations. Our insurance is designed to indemnify and defend you should a liability incident occur. We go further than just insuring your organisation against liability claims. With over 120 years of experience in commercial insurance, we can help your company reduce accidents occurring in the first place by providing effective risk management solutions.

Who do we insure?

Our underwriters specialise in providing insurance for:

  • Shopping centres and malls
  • Supermarkets
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Retail businesses
  • Property Owners


What products do we offer?

General and Product Liability

Our General and Product Liability insurance will cover your company’s legal expenses arising from third party claims for property damage and personal injury that can occur on your premises or in connection with your products.

Excess Liability

If your company has an existing General and Product Liability programme in place, our Excess Liability insurance can provide much higher levels of cover over and above what your current programme offers.

Umbrella Liability

If your company has an existing Primary Liability programme in place, but you need higher and broader levels of cover, Chubb  Insurance’s Umbrella Liability insurance can provide the extra protection.


How to Apply

Please complete our Products Liability Proposal Form and send it together with a copy of your standard contract or agreement to your insurance broker and request them to obtain a quote from Chubb.