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Property Conservation Services
Loss Prevention

Chubb's risk engineers have advanced technical knowledge in property protection and practical experience with fire protection systems. Our range of services go beyond basic property protection.

  • Sprinkler System Analysis — Evaluate design of existing and new sprinkler systems for adequacy relative to the operations or area being protected.
  • Pre-Construction Consultation — Assist clients in choosing new sites and reviewing building plans to conform to industry best practices and to limit potential deficiencies.
  • Security — Development of security policies and procedures to protect life and property.
  • Storage Consulting — Assist clients in choosing the best storage and warehouse methods to reduce the potential for catastrophic loss.
  • Infra-Red Thermography Services — Conduct infrared scans of electrical equipment operating under load to identify impending failure or hidden faults, thus preventing potential losses and unscheduled downtime. Chubb’s thermographers are all certified to ITC Level 1 or higher.
  • Self-Inspection Programmes — Assist in developing comprehensive programmes to protect life and property from hazards specific to the industry.
  • Fire Pump Performance Tests — Witness and evaluate annual fire pump tests in accordance with internationally-recognized fire codes including National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Loss Prevention Council (LPC) and Singapore Code of Practice (CP) standards.