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Mulitnational Solutions
Chubb Specialty Insurance

The opportunities of global business may be obvious, the risks less so. When employees travel overseas, businesses could face workers compensation claims their domestic policy does not fully insure. There is the chance of loss or theft of property, auto accidents or disasters at overseas facilities. Chubb offers an innovative portfolio of multinational insurance products that respond to these and other risks.


Whether you are with a global company or an emerging multinational, safeguarding the bottom line means anticipating potentially costly exposures. Chubb Multinational Solutions offers a full suite of insurance products designed to help protect companies doing business overseas.

Multinational Directors & Officers Liability

Why do you need multinational D&O coverage? Multinational corporations commonly purchase a global D&O liability insurance policy in their home country under the assumption that this policy will offer solid protection everywhere in the world. However, the world is changing, and international awareness of D&O liability is expanding. Consider:

  • The rising tide of corporate governance reforms
  • An increasing number of lawsuits or regulatory actions pursued against corporate boards or officers
  • More countries adopting new insurance regulations.

Any of these developments can increase the likelihood of a lawsuit arising that could have a significant negative impact on your company’s bottom line or on the liability of its directors and officers. Additionally, they could challenge the effectiveness of your company’s single-policy approach.

Chubb’s Solution: A Personal, Flexible Approach to Solving Multinational D&O Risk

With Chubb, you deal with one globally integrated insurer with the capability to issue local D&O liability insurance policies in more than 40 countries.

We issue locally admitted policies that address jurisdictional risks and other uniquely local D&O liability exposures, written in the local language, ensuring compliance with local insurance regulations and tax laws. This way, you can be confident that your policy will work as intended.

Our flexible, team-oriented process is designed to:

  • Help you clearly identify your company’s unique multinational D&O liability exposures
  • Build an effective multinational D&O liability insurance program that specifically addresses your exposures.


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