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If a home invasion, child abduction, car jacking or stalking threat should affect you, Chubb can help. Masterpiece® Family ProtectionSM from Chubb helps cover your costs if you or someone close to you is a victim of these crimes almost anywhere in the world. We not only help protect the things you treasure most, but also cover the people who are most precious to you.

Masterpiece® Family ProtectionSM is currently offered in most provinces as an add-on to a Chubb Masterpiece® homeowners policy.

As a leading insurer dedicated to providing customers with coverage for the things that matter most, Chubb is the only insurance company to offer a family protection coverage option. Masterpiece® Family ProtectionSM offers coverage for your costs if you or someone close to you is a victim of a home invasion, child abduction, car jacking or stalking threat. The product not only helps protect the things you treasure most, but also covers the people who are most precious to you. Masterpiece® Family ProtectionSM offers:

Home invasion coverage no matter where you call home. Whether it's your house, apartment or even a place that you reside in temporarily, Masterpiece Family Protection can help protect you and your loved-ones. Chubb even provides coverage for family members who don't live under your "roof," such as a daughter who boards in a college dorm. If you, a family member or guest is present during a home invasion, Chubb offers up to $225,000 to help mitigate the medical, psychiatric, home security and other expenses that may be associated with the trauma. Home invasion coverage is highly portable (watercraft, motor homes, temporary residences) with certain coverages extended to your guests.

Because children are priceless. Child abduction is the last thing you want to think about if you have children in your life. Our coverage applies wherever your children may be: in the backyard, across town or even around the world. Whether your children are visiting a relative or away at camp, you can be sure they are covered. Masterpiece Family Protection also extends to child guests, even for childless couples. Chubb covers expenses such as related travel and phone costs; medical, dental and psychiatric costs for the child victim; and a reward for information leading to the conviction of the perpetrator. We also offer access to The Ackerman Group Inc.- a highly regarded international security firm that specializes in crisis mitigation- and help defray their fees. Chubb can offer up to $300,000 for costs resulting from the abduction of a child under 13.

Coverage on the road. Chubb's car jacking coverage applies to you, a family member or any covered relative who operates or occupies your vehicles. Chubb covers up to $215,000 in expenses related to bodily injury, trauma, lost wages, insurance deductibles and a reward to find the perpetrator. What's more, car jacking coverage includes rental vehicles, motorcycles and motor homes.

When you need added insurance protection. If you have a court order and the named party continues to stalk you, Chubb can offer up to $25,000 for certain security measures you may take, such as hiring a professional security consultant, security guard services, security upgrades to your home and temporary relocation.

If the unthinkable occurs. In the unfortunate event that a covered home invasion, child abduction or car jacking leads to loss of life or certain disabling or debilitating injuries, Chubb can provide up to $250,000 per occurrence for covered individuals.

Coverage available almost anywhere. Masterpiece Family Protection extends anywhere in the world except those places listed on the Consular Affairs Bureau of the Department of Foreign Affairs Travel Warnings list at the time of loss. Travel Warnings are issued when the Department of Foreign Affairs decides, based on all available information, to recommend that Canadians avoid travel to a certain country or region.

Additional protection if you have kidnap & ransom coverage through your employer. While commercial K&R policies often provide kidnap and ransom expense coverage for the employee's family, there is usually no coverage provided for expenses resulting from car jacking and home invasion. The same holds true for personal K&R policies. In addition, K&R policies typically require a demand for ransom to trigger coverage. With Masterpiece Family Protection, coverage for these perils is included and ransom demand is not required to activate child abduction coverage.

Complement kidnap expense coverage on your Masterpiece personal liability policy. Masterpiece Family Protection complements kidnap expense coverage in the event that there is a ransom demand for a child under 13. If you have a Masterpiece policy in a province with kidnap expense coverage, the two coverages will combine/stack in the event of a covered kidnapping of children under 13.

Coverage goes beyond your Masterpiece homeowners’ policy if you are a victim of home invasion. Masterpiece Family Protection provides coverage for costs associated with the physical and emotional trauma which may occur as the result of a home invasion, and provides reimbursement for upgrades in residential security. Home and contents policies only provide coverage for the damage to the dwelling or personal possessions resulting from a theft or vandalism.