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When you need custom-made protection for your collection, think Chubb Masterpiece® Valuable Articles:

  • No surprises in time of loss. Chubb will pay the agreed value as stated on the policy. When the restored value of the item is more than the insured value at the time of a covered loss, we will pay up to 150% of the difference.
  • Blanket or itemized? It’s your choice, as Chubb will provide the same rate and coverage under both options.
  • Pairs, sets and parts. You can choose between a partial loss settlement for a damaged article, a total loss settlement if you surrender the undamaged article, or even a cash settlement.
  • When the inexplicable happens. The mysterious disappearance of any scheduled item is covered automatically.
  • Acquiring new pieces just got easier. Chubb will cover your newly acquired item for 25% of the itemized limit, for up to 90 days. You are also not required to provide an appraisal on jewellery items under $100,000 or fine art items under $250,000 in value.
  • Items on loan and consignment are covered as well. Chubb provides coverage for jewellery or fine art on loan or consignment to you, for up to 7 days, with maximum dollar limits.
  • Your wine collection. With Chubb’s Valuable Articles policy, your wine collection can be covered against theft, breakage, fire, vandalism, temperature and humidity change, vibration and light.

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