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Most insurers only provided limited coverage for vacation homes. This is unfortunate when you realize that these getaways are much more likely to suffer a serious loss due to fire, burglary or weather than your primary home. It’s as if they don’t want to provide protection where it is needed the most.

Chubb Insurance does understand the role that your vacation home plays in your family’s life and wants to ensure that you are protected against the unthinkable. That’s why we created Masterpiece, the most comprehensive insurance package available in Canada.

A Masterpiece Homeowners Policy protects your vacation home the same way it protects a primary home. It offers the same comprehensive coverage, the same excellent service and the same unparalleled claims response that has made Masterpiece the leading insurance package for those who have the most to lose.

Why Buy A Chubb Masterpiece Vacation Home Policy?

Extended Replacement Cost: Chubb is one of the only insurers to offer this option on vacation homes. Essentially, it means that, should your home be destroyed, Chubb will pay to rebuild it, regardless of the expense to do so - even if it costs more than the amount of coverage you maintain on your policy.

Rebuilding to Code Coverage: Many vacation homes have been around for decades. Since that time, municipal and environmental by-laws have changed many times. Chubb will pay the extra expense to bring your home up to code, should it be destroyed by a covered loss.

Replacement Cost on Contents: Chubb is one of the few companies to offer replacement value for contents that are lost, stolen or damaged at your vacation home. When a tragedy strikes, having an insurer depreciate your belongings can be disastrous.

Maintenance Clauses: Does your insurer require someone to check on your vacation home every few days in order for some coverage to apply? Most do. Chubb’s policy has no minimum requirement and simply trusts you to take “reasonable care” of your vacation home. We know that water pipes sometimes freeze, and that extreme weather can take its toll on your getaway when you are not using it. Unlike most of our competitors, we want to be there to help when that happens.

Weight of Snow or Ice: It’s Canada. Sometimes it snows - a lot. Why do most companies exclude this from their vacation home policies? At Chubb we designed our policy for the Canadian winter. That includes damage caused by the weight of snow and ice.

Cash Option: Most covered losses with Chubb can be settled by taking a cash option – without penalties. You can use the money to repair or replace what has been lost, or use the money any other way you choose. It’s your choice.

Outbuilding Coverage: Chubb automatically provides protection for boathouses, docks, satellite dishes and other outside structures. These are provided with the same quality coverage as the principle vacation home, including Extended Replacement Cost.