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Unique Coverage for Unique Homes: Deluxe House Coverage

Chubb's Deluxe House coverage is designed expressly for distinctive or custom homes and their owners.

With Chubb, you have more choices and more control over the insurance process, industry-leading service, and features not usually found in other policies, such as:

  • Chubb’s approach to claims.  In life, anything can happen – and usually does.  Unfortunately, you never know how good your insurance policy is until you have to make a claim.  By then, it may be too late.  At Chubb, we recognize a moral obligation, as well as a contractual responsibility, to every client.  We are guided by a claims settlement philosophy that was established with the company’s founding in 1882:  Treat every customer the way we would like to be treated if we experienced the same loss – with integrity, empathy, promptness, expertise and fairness.
  • Actual rebuilding costs. We offer Extended Replacement Cost for your home on almost every policy. After a covered loss, Chubb will pay to have your home rebuilt using the same quality of materials and workmanship, even if the cost is greater than the amount of your coverage.  Many policies will pay only up to a stated policy amount, whether it covers your rebuilding costs or not.  With recent increases in construction costs, many customers with other insurance companies run the risk of not having enough insurance in the event of a serious loss.  With Chubb, you can rest assured that we are committed to restoring your home to its original beauty, no matter the cost.
  • Optional cash settlement. To rebuild or not to rebuild - the decision is yours. If you decide not to rebuild after a total covered loss, you can opt for a cash payment up to the policy limit. It's your home, your policy, your choice.
  • Full replacement costs for contents.  Your home contents, from sporting equipment to antique furniture, are covered for the cost to replace them, including applicable taxes. There are no deductions and no depreciation, and you are not required to replace an item that is lost, stolen or damaged; you can choose a cash settlement instead.
  • Additional living expenses. After a covered loss, Chubb will cover the increase in your temporary living expenses while your home is being rebuilt. Typical policies limit this coverage to a small percentage of what you’ve insured your home for – often leaving you without enough insurance.  With Chubb’s Deluxe House coverage, additional living expenses coverage is unlimited.
  • Rebuilding to code. If you rebuild, you may be required to follow current, more stringent building codes for things like electrical wiring or plumbing.  These additional requirements could result in significant expenses that most insurers will not cover fully.  After a covered loss, Chubb will pay these additional costs, if you rebuild on the same location.
  • A complimentary home appraisal. In many cases, a professional appraiser will visit your home to note any special architectural details and interior features, and help you determine the amount of coverage you need. Your appraiser can also provide security and fire prevention advice, and suggest ways to protect your valuables. No fees are involved, and you will receive a copy of the appraisal.