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Masterpiece AssistTM provides you with 24/7 assistance services by offering:

  • International and Travel assistance:
    • Pre-trip information such as security warnings, passport and visa information, exchange rates, weather conditions and more.
    • Medical assistance. In case of medical emergency while you are traveling, Masterpiece AssistTM will help you with the coordination of evacuation or repatriation, referral to medical resources and establishments.
    • Non-medical assistance. Did your luggage get stolen? Masterpiece AssistTM will help you find them. We are also here if you need assistance with translations, a referral to lawyers, or assistance in the transmission of emergency messages.
  • Travel Concierge assistance, such as help making a reservation for a main tourist attraction, or direct access to travel information and advice.
  • Identity theft and restoration assistance:
    • Identity theft. With Masterpiece AssistTM, you have access to practical information and useful resources that help prevent identity theft.
    • Restoration of identity. In the unfortunate event that you become the victim of identity theft, you will be provided with personalized support and access to experts.
    • Credit surveillance following identity theft.

Masterpiece AssistTM toll free number: 1-877-871-3220

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