Risk Management Reviews
Chubb Commercial Insurance

The purpose of the Risk Management reviews is to assist in the development of a focused approach to loss prevention. The review is used to develop a program effectiveness grid that is used first to establish a baseline, then set goals and objectives and evaluate progress.

The risk management review process can be applied to a number of critical areas of your business, including:

  • Commercial Vehicle review assesses your existing automobile loss prevention programs, your current preventative maintenance programs, driver-hiring practices, driver training and identify areas of improvement.
  • Crime Susceptibility review looks at and makes recommendations regarding your theft security measures in the areas of asset vulnerability, record-keeping, accountability, emergency procedures, incident investigation, burglar alarm systems and transit exposures.
  • Network Security review looks at your network security measures in the areas of management & administration, risk assessment, and protection for internal and external schemes.
  • Property review helps to identify strengths and weaknesses in management practices and assists with managing property protection programs.
  • Products Liability review identifies strengths and weaknesses in the current product development processes with respect to liability issues.
  • Business Continuation Planning helps management focus effort on the areas most critical to the business, allowing the identification of the critical business functions and the allocation of resources necessary to help your business continue to function.
  • Machinery Breakdown review is aimed at evaluating a company’s overall susceptibility to machinery breakdown claims. It can also be used to assist management with the development of a preventative maintenance program for machinery and equipment.
  • Environmental Stewardship review assesses management practices in this area and helps to identify strengths and weaknesses as well as helping you manage pollution/environmental impairment liability control programs.