General & Product Liability Evaluations
Chubb Commercial Insurance

  • Fire Life Safety Evaluations compares your facility to National Fire Protection Association Life Safety standards.
  • General Liability Accident Investigation Program provides instruction for your supervisors and managers helping them to identify and remove fundamental causes of accidents.
  • Slip, Trip & Fall Evaluations involves a review of your losses, identification of problem areas, followed by assistance in providing solutions.
  • Indoor Air Quality Evaluations can be conducted when health or safety problems arise in your facility. We use employee interviews, physical assessment and carbon dioxide measuring equipment to evaluate efficiency of building air systems.
  • Job Site Surveys evaluate exposures to employees, subcontractors and the general public during renovations or new construction.
  • Lighting Quality Surveys involve use of a photometer to measure illumination. We evaluate the amount of light in key areas, such as stairs, steps, ramps and other walkways.
  • General Liability Accident Trend Analysis focuses loss prevention activities in areas where there is high claims frequency.
  • Self-Inspection Programs help you ensure hazards to the public are identified and minimized to reduce loss potential.
  • Product Safety Policy & Program Development demonstrates your management's commitment to product safety. Chubb can also help you with implementation.
  • Product Design & Review Committee Management considers that product quality and safety is properly considered at the design phase, where improvements and changes can be easily accommodated.
  • Handling Product Complaints is a formal review of your complaint handling process and the nature of the complaints you are receiving with respect to your products. It enables your management to quickly identify and correct problems that may present a risk.
  • Review of Product Warnings & Labels provides you and your staff with guidance on ANSI warning label standards. The ANSI warning label standards alert readers to potential hazards from product misuse and improper storage and suggest controls to prevent injuries to product users.
  • Quality Control Systems Review encompasses a broad range of activities to improve your product design, packaging and shipping instructions.