Property Surveys & Risk Assessment
Chubb Commercial Insurance

  • Hot Work Permit Program will help you and your contractors reduce fire potential that can arise from "hot work" activities such as welding and cutting through walls.
  • Self-Inspection Programs can protect equipment against common hazards. We can review your in-place programs or help you develop one.
  • Flammable Liquids require special storage and handling. Using combustible gas vapour meters, we can evaluate ventilation of hazardous vapors in addition to your storage and operating practices to assure compliance with those recommended in National Fire Protection Association standards.
  • Property Conservation Policies can be developed with you for conservation of property, including management commitment, resource allocation and training requirements.
  • Pre-Construction Consultations can save you money at a later date. We meet with you and your architects, engineers and planning committees to suggest the kind of protection you may want to consider prior to building.
  • Sprinkler Plan Review examines your plans and existing sprinkler systems. It helps assure you of adequacy for intended or current use. We apply National Fire Protection Association standards.
  • EDP Fire Protection Systems can be tested to assess risk - including sprinkler and alarm detection, transmission, signaling and reception and door fan tests for rooms protected with automatic suppression system alternatives to HALON.
  • Emergency Response Preparation assists you with review and testing of your building evacuation plan and provides resources to assist in the plan development.
  • Fire Protection Systems Self-Inspection Program teaches your staff how to operate, test and maintain your sprinkler systems in accordance with National Fire Protection Association standards.
  • Fire Pump Performance Tests are conducted in accordance with National Fire Protection Association standards.
  • Property Conservation Seminars can be designed to instruct and motivate your management and staff to identify and control exposures to fire and other hazards associated with the operations.
  • Fire Division Maintenance reviews focus on the integrity of existing fire divisions, verifying operability of fire door systems with facility personnel and helping you review any plans for new construction.
  • Fire Life Safety Evaluations are conducted with your staff, comparing your facility with the most recent version of the Life Safety standards.