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Chubb Commercial Insurance

As a multinational enterprise you’re faced with many opportunities. Sometimes those opportunities represent new types of insurance risks that leave you vulnerable if not planned for promptly.

Overseas acquisitions, investment in start-up operations, joint ventures with other multinationals, and corporate spin-offs and restructurings can change the face of your organization overnight. These are just some of the challenges you face and where you need the best insurance advice and coverage that money can buy.

While the risks associated with doing business internationally can be complicated, deciding who can best help you handle your international insurance, need not be. Long a leader in providing multinational coverage, Chubb carries this tradition into each market we enter overseas.

Working with underwriters in our 132 offices in 33 countries

  • We ensure the best protection of your overseas assets. Through our Multinational Resources Group we deliver quotes and policies for overseas exposures in sync with your needs. You can rely on the local accountability you have become accustomed to while having the expertise and horsepower of a team that can deliver in timeframes that make sense to your business needs.
  • We provide the broadest local-currency coverage available. Corporate managers at many sophisticated multinationals use our broad local-currency insurance contracts as vehicles to enable profit centres to pay their own insurance premiums and recover loss proceeds locally. This approach can maximize local accountability for asset preservation and take advantage of the most favorable tax treatment of premiums and insurance loss payments.
  • We offer multinational controlled master policies (written in U.S. dollars). Together with our local currency policies, we provide cost, coverage and control benefits for U.S. risk and financial managers.
  • We have one of the largest insurer loss control organizations in the world. Chubb loss control representatives are technically skilled: 70% of our loss control staff hold professional designations. Almost all of our European, Asian, and Latin American offices have their own resident loss control staffs. We've worked with our customers at their facilities in just about every nation in the world, including Slovenia, Vietnam, Peru and other emerging nations. We have a long-standing reputation for getting the job done -- wherever we are needed.
  • We are widely recognized for our prompt, fair and efficient approach to claim settlement. We have claim experts in our offices to deal with the varying regulations of business and insurance that complicate overseas claims. Our focus is to restore operations quickly after you have experienced a loss.
  • We operate in the world's major insurance markets. We have our own offices and our own employees in the countries where you need them most, working regularly with correspondents in countries such as Panama, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Zimbabwe.
  • We've established a common business culture. Wherever you do business with us, you will experience our global culture and perspective, applied with sensitivity to local customs. With the best training and experience, Chubb people will exceed your expectations, from Toronto to Taipei, Seoul to Santiago, Brussels to Buenos Aires.
  • We continue to expand our services in both new and existing markets. The demands of our marketplace tell us where we need to be. When our telecommunications and energy customers expanded into Argentina, we opened an office in Buenos Aires to serve them, and our presence in China is a significant example of how Chubb is expanding to meet customers' needs.