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Chubb Specialty Insurance

As the regulatory landscape shifts, insurers have more options and opportunities than ever before to do business in different ways. Insurers are looking to extend their reach. Mergers, consolidations, global alliances are increasing. Banks and other financial services organizations have their eye on insurance companies as avenues for expansion of their products and services.

You may be moving in new directions and competing in new ways as a result of these forces. But, each of these opportunities poses a significant degree of risk to your organization – from hiring practices, to internet fraud exposures, to sales practices. Add to that the need for your legal, audit and compliance staff to keep up with legislative changes, judicial decisions and regulatory mandates.

Known as the “insurer’s insurer” Chubb has achieved worldwide recognition in the insurance industry for providing comprehensive, creative solutions to the unique risk management issues that insurance companies face. We offer insurance companies unique coverage by offering you a broad range of products designed to meet your most complex exposures:

  • Customarq for Financial Institutions - provides property and liability insurance which Chubb can customize to your unique needs.Customarq Classic and Customarq Limited provides coverage for larger and smaller institutions respectively with blanket coverage for fine arts, rents and valuable papers.
  • Through a suite of additional unique coverage programs, Chubb can also protect you from other exposures as well as through the traditional lines of workers compensation, excess/umbrella, automobile and boiler and machinery.
  • Recent court decisions and changing laws leave insurance companies increasingly vulnerable. Escalating litigation can threaten an insurance organization – large or small. Even the most progressive and the most conservative insurance companies can find themselves exposed and at risk. Chubb can guard your organization and people from the effects of costly lawsuits associated with allegations of mismanagement brought against it by employees, shareholders, regulators, creditors and other stakeholders.
  • The best internal controls and compliance procedures cannot prevent criminal intent. Fraudulent activity is an increasingly troublesome reality in the world of technological advancement and e-commerce. Chubb offers protection solutions against such risks as employment dishonesty, forgery, theft, destruction or disappearance of property, including additional coverage for the protection against crime associated specifically with mail fraud and computer systems.

Risk managers are increasingly concerned about events and situations that could have a negative effect on an insurance provider’s cash flow, earnings and balance sheet strength. Price volatility and limited capacity make traditional insurance less attractive to insurance providers. Recognizing these limitations, Chubb has become an industry leader in the development of Alternative Risk Transfer programs for the entire financial services marketplace. Our underwriters customize solutions to and create strategic risk financing mechanisms that fit your risk management objectives.

Chubb also has a solution targeted to insurance providers with assets less than $1 billion. ForeFrontTM offers a simple, integrated solution offering coverage to your worldwide operation through one simple application, integrating the coverage provided by the above-mentioned individual plans.

The issuance of any policy is subject to the approval and sole discretion of our underwriters. Like all insurance, there are limitations and exclusions which apply. This is provided as a general description of available coverage.