We Challenge Everyone Equally

We believe an employee should be judged according to their success. Our approach is pretty simple. We look at an employee's performance and base decisions on that.

Every company says they accept everyone equally. At Chubb, our results prove we mean it.

  • Chubb was Canada's first major financial services organization to name a woman as President and Chairman of the Board.
  • 40% of Chubb's Vice President's are women.
  • Women form 60% of our management team.
  • 2/3 of our female managers have children.
  • Over half of our professional staff are women.
  • Chubb was one of the first Canadian organizations to offer same-sex benefits to our employees.
  • We are a founding partner in In-Roads, helping minority youth gain job experience through internships.
  • We are a pioneering partner in Beatrice House - helping young mothers gain work experience, while also caring for their children.
  • We offer innovative and comprehensive benefits and programs, specifically aimed at helping families respond to the challenge of balancing work and home life.
  • Our in-house Aids in the Workplace counseling program has been recognized and copied worldwide.