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Challenging Careers - Rewarding Futures

Chubb offers a variety of careers to those looking to be challenged.

We hire top graduates and move them quickly into the real world. We've set up our training program so that you will be given your own "portfolio" or area of responsibility, usually within a few months of your start date, and we encourage you to manage this portfolio as if it were your own business.

You will grow your accounts, manage the losses, improve service levels within your area and build relationships - whatever it takes to improve your "book of business" or area of responsibility. You will have the authority to make many decisions on your own, and will be coached along the way. At the end of the day, you can bask in your successes and learn from what you could have improved upon.

Some of the particular careers that Chubb offers fall into these categories:

Underwriter: These decision makers are the bulk of Chubb's professional staff. They spend their day building relationships with our team of independent brokers and working with these brokers to determine the best way to meet a client's insurance needs - ultimately making the call as to whether to place Chubb "on risk" or not.

Equal parts marketers and risk-analysts; an Underwriter is the key front-line decision maker at Chubb. Their decisions directly impact whether the company makes - or loses - money.

Claims: The reputation and ability of the Chubb claims staff is unparalled in the insurance industry and is the true test of our corporate promise. Insurance companies exist to pay claims - and Chubb does it better than any other company.

Chubb's Claims staff is responsible for investigating each claim and helping our customers through the sometimes-complicated process of claims settlement. Part private investigator, part therapist, part lawyer, our Claims staff have an unbelievable track record and reputation.

Loss Control: The best type of an insurance claim is the one that never happens. Our Loss Control Department works with our commercial customers to help them avoid losses. These staff are the "eyes" of our commercial underwriters - they visit our commercial risks, and provide information that Chubb uses to make tough decisions.

Our Loss Control experts are trained to identify potential areas of concern. Whether it's inspecting a fire prevention system, recommending the best way to store materials, developing redundant computer systems, or helping our customers through the perils of product liability issues, Chubb has helped some of the biggest names in industry and finance avoid business-stopping losses.