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Chubb Insurance Company of Canada is a different kind of insurance company. We carve out unique niches in specialized areas and then provide the best insurance solution for each. And when we choose a market to be in - we clearly dominate it.

We've never tried to be the biggest insurer, or offer the most products, or have the largest client base. Instead, we cater to individuals and companies that need specialized attention and individualized insurance coverage. The families and companies who rely on us are names you'd know. Whatever they're into - we follow -with products to meet their needs.

That means offering personal insurance to the top 2% of Canada's socio-economic strata - protecting the fine art, jewellery, yachts, collections and luxurious homes that come along with their lifestyle.

It includes developing specialized protection for the country's top executives by offering products such as Director's & Officer's liability coverage, Kidnap and Ransom Insurance and protection against employee fraud.

We also target high-tech companies, film and television production houses, energy and mining organizations, and all of Canada's top financial institutions, to name a few.