Special Risk Accident Insurance
Accident & Health

Special Risk Accident Insurance from Chubb provides accident protection for participants, members or volunteers of groups or associations engaged in sponsored and supervised activities.  This coverage is an excellent complement to general liability insurance which may be discounted with the existence of a participant accident program.

Chubb is committed to working with targeted larger national and regional organizations and their brokers to meet the organization's unique needs. In addition, Chubb is placing a strategic emphasis on developing program business where we partner with brokers/wholesalers who have a book of business and demonstrate extensive knowledge in one or more of the Targeted Customer Groups, including but not limited to:

  • Sports groups, including:
    • Collegiate athletic programs
    • Amateur youth and adult sports programs
    • Amateur officials organizations
    • Recreational associations
    • Camps and Clinics 
    • Motorsports
    • National Governing Bodies 
  • Volunteers, including:
    • Community and civic organizations
    • Non-profit organizations
    • Charitable and fund raising organizations
  • Child care centres, including:
    • School affiliated centres
    • Church affiliated centres
  • National Church Organizations, including:
    • Youth activities
    • Youth camps
    • Sponsored special events
    • Religious retreats and meetings
  • Clubs
    • Sponsored activities and meetings

Broad Coverage Options:

  • Excess Accident Medical Expense – Coverage includes: dental care, physical therapy, orthopedic appliances and braces, or transportation.
  • Accidental death and dismemberment - loss of life, limbs, sight, speech, hearing, loss of use and paralysis.
  • Weekly Accident Disability.
  • Additional coverages are available. 

Product Features

Coverage can be customized to cover members or volunteers on an annual or short-term basis while:

  • Attending a specific event, and/or
    • Innovative and flexible plan design with various deductible and maximum benefit options.
    • Coverage may be extended to administrators, staff and supervisors of the activities or events.
    • Provided on a mandatory basis.

What does Chubb have to offer?

  • Accident Product Experience
  • Claim Expertise - quick and fair handling of covered injuries by expert claim adjusters
  • Quick quote capabilities
  • Affordable and competitive pricing
  • Financial Strength – a strong, financially stable company committed to serving this market.

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