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Accident & Health

For over 30 years, Chubb has offered accident and health insurance solutions to employer groups and credit card enhancements to financial institutions.  Experience, knowledge and a wealth of expertise are just some of the advantages that we offer.  Through our products and service, we have demonstrated an exceptional ability for creative collaboration with policyholders.

A&H Producer Learning Guide

To support the growth of Chubb's A&H Practice, we have created a comprehensive learning curriculum for Producers.

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Accident & Health Solutions

Employee Benefits
Accident & Health

Accident coverage from Chubb shows your employees and their families that their safety and financial well-being is of prime concern.

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Alternative Markets
Accident & Health

Chubb is one of the top providers of credit card enhancements in North America and provides insurance products to 4 of the 5 largest Canadian banks.

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Special Risk Accident Insurance
Accident & Health

Special Risk Accident Insurance provides accident protection for members of groups or associations participating in sponsored and supervised events.

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