Forefront Portfolio Insurance
Chubb Specialty Insurance

Chubb Insurance has developed Forefront Portfolio - a comprehensive insurance solution with up to eight optional coverage sections that are specifically designed to help private companies survive the complex threats of litigation and crime that may expose their bottom line.

With Forefront Portfolio, private companies are offered an insurance product that will help manage their individual and corporate exposures and reduces the potential gaps in buying separate insurance products.

Forefront Portfolio can protect private companies in the following areas:

  • Directors' & Officers' Liability Insurance - protects the directors and officers against claims resulting from management decisions.
  • Employment Practices Insurance - protects the company, its directors, officers and employees from claims brought by current, past or prospective employees.
  • Crime Insurance - protects the company from direct losses resulting from employee theft and a number of other insuring clauses that protect the company from third party thefts.
  • Internet Liability Insurance - protects the company against traditional publishing related exposures created by the existence of a company website.
  • Statutory Liability - protects the company, executives and employees against claims resulting from the issuance of a Penalty notice to pay a pecuniary or administrative fine or penalty pursuant to an Act of parliament.
  • Miscellaneous Professional Indemnity - protects the company its directors, officers and employees from claims resulting from the professional service they have provided.
  • Trustees Liability Insurance - protects the company, management and employees involved in the management of the Superannuation Fund and the Funds themselves against losses.
  • Kidnap Ransom and Extortion Insurance - protects company from ransom and extortion payments as a result of a kidnapping or extortion threat.

Forefront Portfolio is the affordable insurance solution. It just makes sense. Too much is at stake, your company's assets, its bottom line and even its survival - not to mention the personal wealth of the management team.