Chubb Personal Insurance

How fragile is your dream? How solid is your coverage? Insure with Chubb Insurance and you'll receive innovative, intelligent coverage and service solutions designed for people who expect more.

Not all policyholders are the same. People who own unique homes, art, jewellery and collections usually have special insurance needs. As a leading insurer of fine homes and valuable possessions, Chubb Insurance has designed Masterpiece - a personal insurance policy to meet such special needs.

Prestige Home & Contents Chubb Personal Insurance

Chubb Insurance’s Masterpiece is specifically tailored to protect prestigious homes and precious possessions. But we don’t sell on price. We sell on providing outstanding cover and first class service.

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Valuable Articles Chubb Personal Insurance

Chubb’s Masterpiece insurance is designed to provide the best protection available for your most valuable possessions.

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Home Business Property Insurance Chubb Personal Insurance

Chubb’s Masterpiece insurance not only offers you exceptional cover for your fine home and valuable assets, but it can also provide insurance protection for your home business needs as well.

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Family Protection Chubb Personal Insurance

Chubb's Family Protection coverage helps defray the costs associated with recovery from events such as car jacking, home invasion, child abduction, road rage, hi-jacking, air rage and stalking and also helps prevent reoccurrence

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Personal Liability Insurance Chubb Personal Insurance

Chubb offers Personal Liability cover to help protect you and your family from any unexpected legal cases.

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Claims Services 

If you are looking for world class service, look no further. Chubb Insurance is well-known for its customer-first approach to claims handling.

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Home Appraisal Service Chubb Personal Insurance

For most homes that we insure, we provide a complimentary appraisal service. We produce a written and photographic portfolio of the architectural features of your home so that if a disaster does happen we can rebuild it to its original condition.

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Quotation Forms 

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Masterpiece Policy Wording 

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