Third Party Claims



For Chubb Insurance policyholders with liability insurance policies, our claim service includes protecting their interests when others submit a claim or file a lawsuit against them for alleged injuries or damages. We handle these claims with the same care, concern and skill taken with first party claims.

How to make a claim
If you have a claim you may contact your insurance broker or you can contact Chubb direct as follows:

By email:

Directors' & Officers' Liability (Specialty):

By phone:

Sydney: (02) 9273 0100
Melbourne: (03) 9242 5111
Brisbane: (07) 3227 5777
Perth: (08) 6211 7777

By mail:

Citigroup Centre
Level 29, 2 Park Street
Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia

Level 14, 330 Collins Street,
Melbourne, Victoria 3000 Australia

Level 1, 225 St George's Terrace
Perth, Western Australia 6000 Australia

Level 24, 12 Creek Street
Brisbane, QLD, 4000 Australia

If it is determined that our policyholder bears responsibility for a loss, we attempt to conclude the claim for an amount which fairly compensates the injured party or parties. We seek to reach resolutions promptly on meritorious cases. Claims involving no liability on the part of our policyholders will be vigorously defended at all levels.

We carefully manage all aspects of the litigation process: in coordination with defense counsel and where appropriate, we use alternate dispute resolution methods to aid in reaching settlements. These methods often provide a more timely and cost effective resolution for all.