Information and Network Technology (INT) Liability Insurance
Chubb Commercial Insurance

With technology changing so rapidly and society relying on it to manage their businesses and lives, it is not surprising that technology companies are experiencing greater liability risk for the work they perform and products that they supply.

Chubb Insurance recognises that businesses in the fast and complex technology industry need insurance cover to suit. That's why we have a specialist team of technology underwriters who are focused solely on providing the best insurance solutions for technology companies.

Who do we Insure?

We specialise in providing insurance protection to a wide range of technology businesses, including:

  • Information Technology Services
    • Data processors and system integrators
    • Data storage and retrieval services
    • Computer consultants and systems analysts
    • Computer maintenance and repair
    • IT outsourcing and facility managers
    • Value added resellers
    • SCADA and PLC programmers
    • Other computer-related service
  • Software Development
    • Customised software
    • Pre-packaged software
    • Operating systems
    • Networking software
    • Databases
    • Application software and tools
    • Computer programming
    • Shrink-wrapped software
  • Government/Defence
    • Military applications and systems
    • Defence hardware
    • Defence communication and radar system technologies
    • Government Contractors
  • Clean Technologies
    • Solar products and services
    • Energy efficiency technologies
    • Smart grid technology
    • Control systems and automation
  • Telecommunications Services
    • Cloud
    • Internet service providers
    • Application service providers
    • Web hosting, data centres and ancillary services
    • Wireless communications and messaging services
    • Network consulting and support services
  • IT and Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturing
    • Computer and peripheral equipment manufacturers
    • Communications equipment manufacturers
    • Electronic components and accessories manufacturers
    • Integrated circuit manufacturers
    • Network hardware manufacturers

What products do we offer?

INT Liability Package
INT Liability offers important protection through a single blended insurance policy that addresses these potentially costly injuries:

  • Financial Injury (Errors & Omissions)
    • Financial injury arising from defects and deficiencies or failure to perform, including protection for both performance based contractual liability and liability assumed in contract (indemnities and hold harmless agreements)
  • Technology-Related Injury (Intellectual Property, Privacy and Media
    • Infringement of intellectual property, violation of a persons right of privacy, libel, slander or other forms of defamation, breach of confidentiality
  • General Liability
    • Bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, products hazard and pollution liability
  • Product Withdrawal Expense (Recall)
    • Reimbursement of expenses incurred to recall and regain possession of products likely to cause physical injury
  • Privacy Remediation Expenses
    • Reimbursement of expenses incurred to comply with local and foreign laws notifying customers of a privacy data breach

Property Insurance

Protection for material damage and consequential loss insurance. We understand the risks stemming from a computer virus or a denial of service attack and the importance of Research and Development (R&D). So we include impairment of computer services and new product delay with our gross profits insurance as well as cover for portable equipment and computer breakdown.

How to apply
For companies with revenue less than $5m please complete the Emerging Proposal Form
For companies with revenues of $5m or over please complete the Information and Network Technology Proposal Form
For Information and Network Technology Property Insurance please complete the Information & Network Technology Proposal Form

Send the completed proposal form with a copy of your license agreements and/or standard terms and conditions to your insurance broker and request they obtain a quotation from Chubb.