Accident & Health

Every organisation’s workforce is susceptible to accidents, injury and sickness. Whether their misfortunes occur at work or during business travel, more often than not the company has some sort of obligation to compensate their medical and travel expenses or loss of income.

Chubb’s Accident & Health insurance policies are designed to cover directors, employees, associations, voluntary workers, expatriates and business travellers. And as with all Chubb products, our policies are innovative and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your situation. On the other hand, we can also offer standard insurance packages that allow you to enjoy high quality insurance at affordable prices.

Corporate Travel Insurance Accident & Health

If you have employees who are required to travel either internationally or domestically while on business, you should make sure your organisation isn’t exposed to extravagant expenses they can incur.

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Expatriate Medical Insurance Accident & Health

Chubb’s Expatriate insurance provides your expatriate employees with all the cover they need whilst working abroad.

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Group Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance Accident & Health

Our policy is specifically designed to help organisations reduce financial losses resulting from employee down-time and recruitment.

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Group Journey Insurance Accident & Health

Imagine one of your employees is injured in an accident on the way to work and is unable to work for months or if ever again. Chubb has a specifically designed product to help organisations reduce financial loss.

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Voluntary Workers Insurance Accident & Health

Chubb understands the important role volunteers play, so we have designed an insurance policy that provides cover for expenses resulting from minor or serious injuries that people who are performing volunteer work may suffer while under your control.

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