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Group Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance
Accident & Health

Imagine if one of your key employees becomes injured or sick and is unable to work for months - if ever again. Such a situation could result in expensive compensation payments as well as loss of business if customers choose to go else where because of the disruption.

That’s why Chubb offers comprehensive Group Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance. Our policy is specifically designed to help organisations reduce financial losses resulting from employee down-time and recruitment. And because Chubb’s policy covers a number of employees, our premiums are much lower than what you would pay for individual policies.

Speak to your Insurance Broker about the features of Chubb's Group Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance - its coverage, policy benefits and entitlements.

For a copy of the policy please download the Chubb Group Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance Policy here.