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Message From Chubb's Board of Directors

Sheila P. Burke, Chubb Director since 1997

Ms. Burke is a Faculty Research Fellow, Malcolm Weiner Center for Social Policy, Member of Faculty, J.F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; Senior Public Policy Advisor, Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz.

"Companies who expect to attract and retain high performing employees must show them that it is not only possible to advance to more senior jobs, but that the company will invest in preparing them to compete for those jobs. In particular, diverse employees must see that there are people with similar backgrounds advancing to positions of power and influence. Chubb’s long standing commitment to developing diverse leaders not only ensures that the company is maximizing the potential of its top talent to contribute to results, but also affords it a distinct competitive advantage in an increasingly multicultural marketplace. Diverse customers respond best to messages and marketing that demonstrate an understanding of their values, interests and communities. Chubb’s diversity efforts have brought an authenticity to its relationships with diverse markets that cannot be manufactured overnight, but is instead the result of a growing awareness and inclusiveness that are intrinsic to the company’s leadership."


Dr. James I. Cash, Chubb Director since 1996

Dr. Cash is the James E. Robison Emeritus Professor of Business Administration, Harvard University.

"There is little dispute among today’s business leaders that diversity fosters innovation and innovation enhances competitiveness. Acknowledging this relationship is one thing; being able to effectively leverage it is quite another. Smart, high performing companies have worked long and hard to create workplaces where diverse viewpoints not only coexist, but can thrive and take new form as innovative products and services that resonate with diverse customers worldwide. Chubb is among the best of those companies. Its leaders have maintained a relentless focus on removing barriers that prevent diverse employees from performing at the highest possible level, and on building networks that support a lively and productive exchange of ideas, perspectives and insights among its people. There is no better formula for maintaining the company’s reputation as an inclusive and progressive employer, and ensuring its continued success in the global marketplace."


Lawrence M. Small, Chubb Director since 1989

Mr. Small is the former Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, the world's largest museum and research complex.

"A diverse and inclusive workforce leads to the generation of new ideas and products, enhanced productivity and improved engagement.  People's varied experiences contribute to the way in which they approach challenges and propose solutions.  Diversity requires an organization's leadership to recognize that its workforce brings different perspectives and approaches to doing business.  It must actively seek ideas from its workforce and value and nurture those ideas in order to remain a competitive employer, partner and investment of choice."

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