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Disaster Recovery Planning Services

It is not realistic to assume that any business is immune to natural or man-made disasters not in a world in which a seemingly endless procession of fires, floods, hurricanes, explosions, power outages and bombings have struck businesses in all parts of the world.

Consider these odds: one out of two businesses never returns to the marketplace following a major disaster. Of those that do, half go bankrupt within three years. The ones that survive plan their response to a disaster before it strikes.

Businesses need to prepare to meet the needs of their customers regardless of any disruptions that they may experience.Companies must recognize their vulnerability to disaster and their position in a competitive marketplace as the first step in disaster recovery planning. 

Disaster Recovery - Managing Risk 

Every business is vulnerable to unpredictable events. Whether or not they become disasters is up to you!

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Disaster Recovery - Making a Difference 

Chubb Services Corporation's risk management services create innovative solutions for our client companies' unique business needs.

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Disaster Recovery - Planning Process 

Disaster recovery planning is an ongoing process, not a static document or software program.There are four important phases to the recovery planning process.

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Disaster Recovery - Teamwork 

Many companies begin disaster recovery planning by writing their plan without adequate preparation.Knowledge of the business is essential for effective planning, but problems often arise.

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