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What to Expect from Chubb Services Corporation Loss Control

At Chubb Services Corporation, we recognize that loss control is a vital business function. Chubb Services Corporation designs loss control programs to reduce your losses, lower associated costs and improve your business results. Our consultants will work with you to complement and improve your existing program. The consultant becomes part of your team with your company's objectives and business goals in mind.

These services and benefits are available for workplace safety, property conservation, general liability and fleet services. We manage multilocation accounts with an account coordinator to ensure that services at each location contribute to the overall corporate objectives.

Chubb Services Corporation's loss control consulting services offer many benefits to broaden companies' risk management programs.  We provide our customers with a means to:

  • Identify and reduce hazards
  • Improve management practices
  • Control costs by reducing the frequency and severity of losses
  • Comply with occupational safety and health regulations
  • Meet mandated employee training requirements
  • Meet safety and property conservation goals with continuous improvement
  • Strengthen competitiveness and security

Our loss control services include risk assessment, exposure evaluation, and action plans that offer workable solutions and training. Our five-step approach to loss control management focuses on continuous improvement to keep your loss control programs successful for years to come. The steps are:

  1. Assessment
  2. Planning
  3. Implementation
  4. Monitoring
  5. Feedback