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Claim Management and Administration

A Proud Heritage

In today's competitive and litigious claim climate, effective claim management is critical to the success of any self-insurance, deductible or risk-retention program.  Controlling costs and complying with regulatory requirements continue to be major challenges for all firms.  The key element of effective claim management is a responsive third party administrator who is attuned to the unique needs of each client.  You desire a TPA that is able to navigate the complex array of claim issues and apply the best available solutions.  You require a TPA that can supply experienced and highly skilled claim staff who provide the highest quality professional service.

Chubb Services Corporation responds to these needs and challenges by offering quality claim services and cutting-edge technology, delivered by a professional claim staff.

Through an association with Chubb Services Corporation, businesses can enjoy, on an unbundled basis, quality claim service and a reputation for integrity with a focus on client needs and expectations as the key drivers of the services provided.

Everyone at Chubb Services Corporation is personally dedicated to applying these key values integrity, empathy, promptness, expertise and fairness to every aspect of our business.  Chubb Services Corporation is the preferred TPA for those eager to fulfill their claim-management requirements with high-caliber professionals and service.

Answering Client Needs

Our highly trained and experienced staff is fully qualified to answer clients' requirements.  While our claim representatives have varied backgrounds, each has specific line of business experience and is able to address an array of complex industry issues.

With our expertise in such areas as automobile physical damage, automobile liability, general liability, product liability, property and workers' compensation claim administration, Chubb Services Corporation offers solutions to help overcome today's business challenges.

We monitor case loads and limit assignments to workable standards to ensure that our claim representatives are able to handle each claim effectively. 

Our professional claim operation provides timely and efficient claim-handling service by:

  • Establishing contact with all parties within 24 hours
  • Reserving claims in a timely and accurate manner
  • Conducting effective and timely negotiations
  • Satisfying claim payment procedures within 48 hours
  • Providing integrated case management services
  • Controlling litigation costs
  • Implementing cost-containment programs
  • Pursuing subrogation aggressively
  • Centralizing telephone and fax claim reporting
  • Providing claim audits
  • Incorporating advanced risk management information systems
  • Providing a dedicated adjusting staff
  • Offering claims coring

Making a Difference
Chubb Services Corporation offers businesses Chubb's quality approach to claim handling to fulfill their unbundled claim management requirements

At Chubb Services Corporation, we use our expertise and technical knowledge to provide innovative solutions to claim management. By combining our expertise and technical skills with exceptional listening abilities, we hear and understand what each client requires. Having a partner like Chubb Services Corporation means complementing your risk management program with the expertise to respond to today's challenges.

Select from the many claim and consulting services provided by Chubb Services Corporation to create your own comprehensive claim and risk management program. Bringing all the elements together takes careful planning and implementation and the expertise that Chubb Services Corporation offers. Chubb Services Corporation creates and implements innovative solutions for your unique risk management needs.