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Fleet & Travel Management

Chubb encourages its employees to use webcasts and virtual conferences, when appropriate, to reduce travel.  We also promote home-based and alternative work schedules that reduce emissions from employee and fleet vehicles during rush-hour periods and have partnered with a variety of ridesharing and carpooling initiatives.

Since completing our transition to a four-cylinder fleet in 2011, we have reduced our carbon emissions by 316,000 pounds per year — the equivalent of removing 25 vehicles from the road. To take advantage of continuous improvements in fuel economy and carbon reduction technology, each vehicle is replaced at 45,000 miles.  

In addition, in 2010, we introduced a policy encouraging employees to rent a car for all day trips in excess of 150 miles, instead of driving their personal vehicle. The rental vehicles offered to employees are four-cylinder, thus limiting the use of personal SUVs, trucks and six- and eight-cylinder sedans. In 2012, 79 percent of the vehicles rented by employees had four cylinders.