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Corporate Responsibility Metrics

Chubb is committed to increasing disclosure of corporate responsibility metrics and reporting yearly performance on our website.This chart represents key metrics for Chubb’s environmental stewardship performance for 2012.


Corporate Responsibility at Chubb Metric 2012 Performance
Economic Performance  
  Total Revenue $13.6 billion
  Federal and Foreign Income Tax $451 million
  Net Income $1.5 billion
  Shareholder Value  

Book Value Per Share (at December 31, 2012)

Environmental Stewardship
  Total Energy Use  

Direct Energy Use

22,583 mmBtu

Indirect Energy Use

24,589 MWh
  Carbon Emissions  

Scope 1

1,129 Metric Tons CO2e

Scope 2

10,133 Metric Tons CO2e

Scope 3


Business Travel2

4,401 Metric Tons CO2e
  Water Used 22,125 Thousand Gallons
  Amount of Waste Diverted through Recycling 1,699 Cubic Yards
  Paper Saved3 62 Tons
Stakeholder Engagement  


Total Contributions to Political Parties/Candidates4  



Chubb PAC


1Unless otherwise noted, environmental data is reported for U.S. operations in Connecticut and New Jersey facilities that we own and/or manage.

2Business travel is based solely on bookings on commercial airlines for U.S.-based employees through our internal booking system and/or American Express.

3Represents paper saved at all U.S. operations.

4For additional disclosure regarding political contributions, including contributions to trade associations with lobbying activities, see our most recent political contributions report. Reports for prior years are also available for review: 2012, 2011.