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Environmental Stewardship

We understand the importance of the environmental and climate challenge, and embrace our opportunity to make meaningful contributions that benefit customers, shareholders and society at large.

To increase and better communicate the depth and breadth of our environmental commitment, Chubb’s Corporate Responsibility Office created an Environment Steering Committee and Environment Task Force in 2014. The committee of senior managers is responsible for guiding the task force, which is charged with identifying, collecting and tracking environmental efforts around the organization and better aligning these initiatives with business objectives.

To date, our environmental efforts revolve around four major areas of concern.  These include assessing the business impact of climate change; helping our customers build a sustainable world; engaging and collaborating with other stakeholders; and managing our own environmental footprint.

Assessing the Business Impact of Climate Change: An essential part of our underwriting strategy is monitoring loss trends and incorporating risk exposure analyses into our underwriting appetite and rating plans. Changing weather patterns and potential losses associated with climate change can have significant effects on our property business. We use technical resources and external experts to stay informed about the hazards, and develop appropriate mitigation and response strategies. We also consider the potential impact of extreme weather events and climate change on our investment portfolio. Learn More

Helping Our Customers Build a Sustainable World: As a leading insurer of clean tech companies around the world and a provider of personal and commercial “green” insurance products, Chubb contributes to the development of a more sustainable world. In addition, we provide insurance products and loss prevention services that help our personal and commercial policyholders mitigate the risks they face from storms, floods, droughts, wildfires and other weather-related events. Learn More

Engaging and Collaborating with Other Stakeholders: Chubb works with insurance industry and other groups to help protect businesses and homeowners from weather-related exposures, inform public policymakers of our concerns, and encourage employee information sharing and collaboration around this important topic. Learn More

Managing Our Own Environmental Footprint: We’re proud of our company-wide efforts to improve our sustainability practices and reduce carbon emissions. These broad-ranging initiatives encompass our facilities, business processes and employee travel. Learn More