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Corporate Responsibility: It's Who We Are

As a global property and casualty insurer, Chubb helps ensure the peace of mind and well-being of families, individuals and businesspeople.  In the event of a loss or damage, Chubb and its employees are there to help people restore their lives and businesses. We help make the world more predictable and safe, ultimately contributing to the resiliency and strength of our communities and national economies.

While the world and the nature of the risks we insure have changed dramatically over time, we have kept in mind a core principle – integrity – since our founding in 1882. We believe in approaching every transaction and interaction with our customers, employees and other stakeholders with the utmost integrity. Our global corporate governance and Code of Business Conduct guide us in upholding high ethical and legal standards.

As a natural outcome of always trying to do the right thing, we created a Corporate Responsibility Office in 2013 to coordinate and communicate our corporate social responsibility program. The office encourages and supports the formation of cross-functional teams focused on reducing our own and our clients’ environmental impact. It also helps to foster and promote our engagement with customers, members of the community, and other key stakeholders, along with our industry-leading diversity initiatives.

We invite you to explore and engage with our corporate social responsibility program.

Environmental Stewardship 

We understand the importance of the environmental and climate challenge, and embrace our opportunity to make meaningful contributions that benefit customers, shareholders and society at large.

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Community Engagement 

We are proud to support sustainable communities around the globe by helping businesses and society at large reduce risk, sharing our knowledge, and fostering volunteerism and philanthropy.

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Success Metrics 

Chubb takes its corporate responsibility seriously and has the results to show it. See how we measure up.

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